Friday, April 15, 2011

Removing paint an antique chair..

The popularity of bentwood furniture is evident from the fact that during the second half of the 19th century there were over 35 companies that produced these types of products. The most famous were J. & J. Kohn, Mundus, of course Michael Thonet and Fischel. However, there was alarge number of other manufacturers as Josias Eissler & Söhne, Košice Slovak company founded before 1880.

Their production has been more or less based on the production of movable type like Thonet and Kohn but significantly cheaper. The low prices have been achieved through the interior quality of products. For example, not properly reinforced bottom, although it was important to improve stability of the front legs.

This is why only a limited number of chairs produced by these small producers have come to this day.

I have one of Josias Eissler&Söhne chair, which is manufactured in 1881. 
It has been used :( in renovation of the stool, and I decided to remove paint splashes gently with paint remover and a knife.

with paint...
...and without

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