Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Before&After**Modern Vintage



I had seven different fabric options and alternatives struggled for several hours. I changed and looked at what these beautiful old oak framed chairs would be the best? 
I did not want to look their grandmother´s kitchen chair, wearing a cute fabric roses. 
I also do not want the fabric to be too graphic or monochrome. For me, it was important that they are genderless. That they would fit both in urban homes and summer cottages.
I am pleased with this fresh black and white striped fabric. With some lucky owner is easy to combine different colors of your home...or cottage decor.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabulous FREITAG

FREITAG reference making of fake snake

The FREITAG REFERENCE FAKE SNAKE- proves that there are real trade yet. To Establish a FAKE SNAKE Shoppers needed to shed 648 of tarpaulins, which are assembled BY HAND. The smaller pouch is made with 266 elements a bit more nimble. The result is then also the source of the striking name: anything but rough and scaly, winds the FAKE SNAKE under the hand on his seduction.

FREITAG: In 1993, the graphig designers, the brothers MARKUS UND DANIEL FREITAG in search of a messenger bag. Zürich namely go right wheel or bicycle. And they are often rainy. Freitag the brothers wanted for their designs a durable, functional and waterproof bag. Inspired by the colorful heavy traffic, muttered in front of her apartment on the Zürich transit axis, they tailor from an old truck trap a messanger bag. They used for harness used seat belts, as the enclosure was an old bicylce inner tube.

Image source: FREITAG