Sunday, November 28, 2010

November-Vienna & more

Albertina Museum

Living for almost eight years in Vienna. There I was I took care of the children as an Au Pair. I studied, I fell in Love, got married and start a family, beloved city.
Although I have now lived with my family five years back in Finland, I miss Vienna again and again. Wien,
Ich Liebe Dich!!!! 

Burg Garten


Museum Quartier

MQ - hof

Die vielen Seiten einer frau - The many sides of a woman

The Graben

Steffel Sky Bar&Restaurant

St. Paul in Carinthia

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Great CARMEN Dell´Orefice

Photo: Erwin Blumenfeld 1947

Photo: Tim Petersen

Photo: Tim Petersen

Carmen is one of the few people known by their first name in the fashion world.
She is still the preferred model for commercials and fashion shows the age of 79.
Carmen has been a 60-years exceptionally active in the fashion industry.

13-year-old Carmen, in 1945, the girl found on the same bus to Manhattan photographer´s wife.
The first photo shooting failed, but Carmens godfather believed  the girl´s abilities and suggested to go to Vogue.

Photographers Cecil Beaton and Irwing Penn have taken pictures of Carmen.
Salvador Dali himself hired a young model posing in the studio for himself.
Dali paid for her at the time, 7 dollars an hour.
In memory of friendship, Carmen has Dali´s paintings on the walls, 
signed for her.

Her favorite photographers today are Bruce Weber, Tim Petersen and Fadil Barisha, who has photographed all of her Rolex campaigns.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Return to the past - Helsinkivintage Sales Event 19.9.2010



Vintage-Secondhand - Autiotalo

Tanja and Moona

                                                               Pinkki Paplari

U.S. Ambassador  Bruce J. Oreck

Remu Aaltonen and I