Friday, March 25, 2011

Fabulous FREITAG

FREITAG reference making of fake snake

The FREITAG REFERENCE FAKE SNAKE- proves that there are real trade yet. To Establish a FAKE SNAKE Shoppers needed to shed 648 of tarpaulins, which are assembled BY HAND. The smaller pouch is made with 266 elements a bit more nimble. The result is then also the source of the striking name: anything but rough and scaly, winds the FAKE SNAKE under the hand on his seduction.

FREITAG: In 1993, the graphig designers, the brothers MARKUS UND DANIEL FREITAG in search of a messenger bag. Zürich namely go right wheel or bicycle. And they are often rainy. Freitag the brothers wanted for their designs a durable, functional and waterproof bag. Inspired by the colorful heavy traffic, muttered in front of her apartment on the Zürich transit axis, they tailor from an old truck trap a messanger bag. They used for harness used seat belts, as the enclosure was an old bicylce inner tube.

Image source: FREITAG

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